DIARI DE SABADELL (Sabadell. Cenerentola.
11 de November de 1994)

“The comic character  is given by Rosa Mª Ysás and Mireia Casas, “two ugly sisters” that quickly become pleasant for the public with an excellent interpretation.”


LA VANGUARDIA (Barcelona. La Bohème. September del 1996)  “Sr. Roger Alier”

“When he sang with the excellent and fanny Musetta of Mireia Casas, the public became inflamed a lot and stop the performance with a big ovation, never seen in a “Bohème”. Because Mireia Casas has been the other triumpher of the night for her vocal agility and grace that she gave to her personage.” 


ECO (Barcelona. La Bohème. September 1996)

“Very graceful The Musetta of Mireia Casas, her total penetration in her personage made to enjoy all and in the second act got up, with her companion, the public, interrupting the performance during some minutes.”



“Mireia Casas, soprano from Barcelona, in the aria from the work of Bellini, Puccini, Delibes, Donizetti, and in the Suzanna’s aria from the “Marriage of Figaro” of Mozart, she made to move the public for her voice and expressive movements of the features that remember the big Maria Callas.”

DIARI DE GIRONA ( Peralada.Carmen. August 1999) Sr. Jaume Busqué

“Mireia Casas, like a Marilyn of the movies, and Itxaro Mentxaca gave constant light and presence in the Bieito version.”


LA VANGUARDIA (Camp Nou. October 1999)
Sr. Roger Alier.

“Then appeared elegant, sophisticate and charme the soprano Mireia Casas who sang with a precious voice and with a clear high notes, a duo with the Tenor Josep Carreras, the knew song “Friends for life”.


El PAÍS ( Granada. June 2000) Sr. Enrique Franco

“The delicious couple Papageno and Papagena, incarnate with fineness and softness by W.Rauch and Mireia Casas.”


LA VANGUARDIA (Bilbao. Gianni Schicchi. April 2001) Sr. Roger Alier

Graceful and delicious vocaly the Nella of Mireia Casas”


OPERA ACTUAL (Peralada. Verbena de la Paloma. July 2005) Sr. Fernando Sans Rivière

“Mireia Casas was a funny and spectacular “Casta”.”

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